• Attend company product orientation / training.
• Take examination at the Insurance Commission (attached examination form for Insurance Agent / Brokers
and Schedule of Examination – Annex A & B)
• Documents needed:

1. Certificate of training
2. Certificate of Good Moral
3. Fill up Application form
4. 2 pcs 1×1 ID picture
5. Valid ID
6. Examination Fee – Ps 500.00

• If you pass the examination, they can apply for a license, if not, they can still retake exam
• Fill up Agents / Brokers License Application form for submission to the Insurance Commission

FOR ORDINARY AGENTS : documents needed

1. Duly filled up Application Form
2. Photocopy of Income Tax Return of the preceding year
3. Photocopy of previous Certificate of Authority from other insurance company
4. Photocopy of Residence Certificate
5. Photocopy of examination result
6. 2 pcs 1×1 ID Picture
7. Two (2) documentary stamps to be affixed to the application form and to the Certificate of Authority

FOR GENERAL AGENT : In addition to the above requirements (1-7)

8. Special Power of Attorney
9. General Agency Agreement

*FOR CORPORATION AND PARTNERSHIP : In addition to the above requirements (1-9)

10. SEC Certificate of Registration
11. Articles of Incorporation / Partnership and By-Laws
12. Company’s Income Tax Return
13. ITR of Soliciting Official
14. Resolution of the Board of Directors or Appointment papers of the Soliciting Officials of the Corporation/Partnership

***Minimum paid up capital of Ps 250,000.00
Agency fee – Ps 300.00 / General Agent – Ps 5,000.00 / Brokers Fee – Ps 10,000.00

• If he/she represents other insurance company, prepare permission / clearance from company
• Waiting period is 30 days, if no reply, application is presume approved/accepted
• Submit the Agents / Brokers License application form to the Insurance Commission for approval (waiting period is up to 3 weeks)
• If application is approved, a Certificate of Authority will issued
• The Insurance company will prepare the Agents / Brokers Agreement or Memorandum of Agreement


PhilsFirst, the 1st non-life insurance company in the Philippines, is expanding it s operations and is in need of young and energetic marketing officers and account executives

– must be college graduates
– preferably with marketing / selling experience in non-life insurance
– team players
– willing and enjoys field work
– available also for provincial branch assignments