Here's How You Can Avoid ATM Skimming

18th of October

Skimming is a crime in which a card holder’s personal information is stolen during an ATM transaction. Criminals collect the data by attaching a magnetic stripe, along with a hidden camera and fake PIN pad on the ATM machine. They use the stolen data to make fake ATM cards...


Things You Need To Know Before Visiting A Foreign Country

18th of October

It’s exciting to think about visiting a foreign country, especially if it’s one in your to-visit list. You’ll finally witness the immensity of its landmarks, taste the exoticism of its food, and experience a whole new world with its culture. But hold your horses! Traveling to a foreign country...


How To Prepare For Climbing A Mountain

14th of October

One of the activities that is probably on a lot of people’s bucket list is to climb a mountain. And why not? It is a great workout that reduces blood pressure and blood sugar levels, which are common health problems. It’s a great way to lose weight while exploring...


Protect Yourself With These Self Defense Items

14th of October

Let’s face it: danger can come from anywhere, any time of day. Aside from that, there are areas in the country that are notorious for being unsafe due to criminal elements. It doesn’t help that you hear all about it on the news every day. Another truth of the...

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We are committed in giving every Filipino the right to a better life, property, and environment.

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We provide a wide array of non-life insurance coverage to individuals and corporations and we take efforts at having diversified involvement in allied financial services as we operate in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific markets.

We are an industry leader providing excellent and personalized service to meet our customers’ satisfaction while at the same time addressing the interest of our partners such as our agents, brokers, and re-insurers.


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